It is extremely important to use a mask to prevent coronavirus

 It is important to apply a mask, but with family, is it important to wear a mask?

We should use masks even if we are in our personal vehicle with our family

Although the government passes countless laws, recently some other laws related to the disease of Kovid-19 in Philal have been implemented by the government. One of them is law. You have to use masks inside the car. In this law, I have seen that if you are not using masks in the car the police invoice, but we should know how correct this law is. See if I give my opinion, I think the law is not wrong, but some reforms are necessary because you all know that we are wearing masks in the house with our family and it is no secret that someone Don't know Everyone knows that everyone in his house lives with his family without a mask but still if the same person goes out with his family somewhere and has put mirrors inside his car and he is in his car. He did not go out in a public place, even though policemen come from far and wide to photograph and invoice him.

If you think that if a person can live in a house without a mask with their family, then why can't that person travel inside my personal vehicle, how that person is driving their car and that person with their family Is, should the police challan him, I do not think if anyone has any opinion, then write it in the comments.

If you are traveling in a commercial vehicle, a mask is mandatory

If you are traveling by flight in a train or on a bus or a commercial vehicle, you must make a mask. If you do not apply a mask, the risk of infection increases. This is true and if there is no agreement on the matter, it should be jealous. We agree that you should apply a mask in a public place because not applying a mask increases the risk of infection. I am not saying that you should not apply masks. All I have to ask is if you are inside your car with your family, you should wear a mask. If it is necessary to put masks with your family inside your car, why should no meat be applied inside the house, then you should stay indoors with your family wearing masks.


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